Lost your keys?

We can originate keys for most makes and models and will do so on site so you avoid a tow bill on top of an already bad day.  We keep most brands of keys in stock to provide same day or next day service as well as have a business relationship with other area locksmiths to be able to get a key blank quickly if we are out of stock.

Just bought a new car and it only came with one key?

Did you know that in 2016 1.21 million repossessed cars were sold and  banks and other lenders typically will only pay for one key so you should be prepared to only get one key when you buy are used car.  We work with many of the local dealers so you can get a spare key at a much reduced price from what you may have to pay from the dealer.

What about remotes?

Does your remote key or your remote look like these?




Typically we can repair remotes that look like this for a discount over buying a new remote.  If repair is not possible then we can replace your remote again usually at a discount from dealer costs.  Perhaps your “new to you” car did not come with a remote, IF* you have keyless entry built into your car call us to see how we can help!

*We say “IF” because some cars do not come with keyless entry.  If your car does not have factory keyless entry, then an aftermarket solution would be required.  In some circumstances we can offer a solution.

Brands we can service:

We service almost all manufacturers including foreign and higher-end luxury lines like BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Audi, Volkswagen, Cadillac and Lincoln.  We have even made a key for a Maserati!  We gladly service both individual consumers as well as car lots, auctions and other commercial automotive clients.

Why pay twice the price at the dealer or hardware store when you can support a local business!